Specialty Items
  Specialty items  
  From the Char Broiler  
Chicken Teriyaki Dinner  $13.50 
Sirlion Tip Dinner  $16.50 
Chicken Kabob Dinner  $13.50 
Gyro Dinner  $10.25 
Hamburger Dinner  $8.00 
Cheese Burger Dinner  $8.75 
Louisiana Boneless Chicken Dinner  $13.50 
Two Way Combo:   
Sirlion Tip & Chicken Kabob Dinner  $17.00 
Steak Tips and Fried Shrimp
Bacon Cheeseburger Dinner  $10.00 
 Served with French Fries or Rice and Salad.  
 All Dinner with Cajun FF, Onion Rings, Wedge FF - .50 Extra
Ziti Grilled Chicken W/Broccoli & Garlic  $13.50 








Seafood Dinners
Haddock Dinner   $16.00 
Fish and chips   $13.00 
Piece of haddock
 Shrimp Plate   $16.00  
 Two Way Combo   $17.00 
Baked additional   $1.00 
  Seafood Dinners Served With French Fries, Cole Slaw  
  Tartar Sauce and Lemon Wedge  



 Chicken Dinners   
4.piece Chicken   $10.00 
Chicken Wings   $10.25 
Chicken Fingers   $10.25 
Buffalo Chicken Wings   $10.25 
Buffalo Chicken Fingers   $10.25 

Above Are Served with French Fries & Salad